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Motion-Activated Lights

What Are Motion-Activated Lights?

Motion-activated lights, also known as motion-sensing lights or motion-activated lights, are lights that are activated by any motion within their range. They are a great way to light areas where you don’t want to have a continuously-on light, but still want to light the area when someone or something approaches. These lights are especially popular in front yards and on walkways, where they can discourage intruders while still allowing passersby to be illuminated. 

Benefits of Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights offer many benefits, including:

  • They can help save energy by only illuminating when motion is detected
  • They can discourage unwanted intruders
  • They can illuminate walkways and front yards, making it safer for visitors

Because of these benefits, motion-activated lights are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to install. There are several types of motion-activated lights, which offer different features and levels of sensitivity. One of the most popular types is a solar-powered light, which harnesses the power of the sun to keep operating. 

Types of Motion-Activated Lights

There are several types of motion-activated lights, including:

  • Solar-powered motion-activated lights – These lights are powered by solar energy, which is collected by a small solar panel. These are great for front yards and walkways, since they won’t require any electricity. They are relatively inexpensive, and very eco-friendly.
  • Motion-activated indoor lights – These lights are designed to be used indoors, and are usually mounted on the wall. They are great for dark hallways and storage closets, where motion-sensing lights won’t be effective. They are usually battery-operated, and are less expensive than outdoor lights of the same type.
  • Motion-activated security lights – Security lights are designed to be mounted on a wall or fence, and are activated by motion within their range. They are great for illuminating the outside of your home, and can discourage intruders. They are usually quite expensive, and require either 110-volt power or a large battery. 

Installing Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are easy to install, and don’t require any special wiring. They usually come with all of the hardware you need, including a mounting bracket and screws. The process usually involves mounting the light, and then adjusting its range of motion and sensitivity. For indoor lights, you will usually need a screwdriver, and for outdoor lights, you may need a pair of pliers. 

As with any light installation, it is important to turn off the power before making any adjustments. Once the light is mounted, you can call upon a licensed electrician for any wiring or electrical work, if necessary. 

As mentioned above, motion-activated lights are great for front yards and walkways, making it easier and safer to navigate in dimly-lit areas. However, this can be a problem in neighborhoods with houses of similar design, since the lights will be triggered by passersby as well as by actual motion. To avoid this issue, you should carefully consider the placement of your motion-activated lights, and avoid placing them in areas where passersby will constantly trigger the light. 

If you are interested in installing motion-activated lights at your Edgewater home, call Skipjack Electrical Services at (443) 323-0333 for advice and a quote. Our fully licensed and insured electricians can help with any light installation, including those with motion-activated features. 

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