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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Edgewater

Give Your Home’s Power Source an Upgrade from Our Electrical Panel Installation Pros!

The electrical panel in your home is essentially the hub for all the power. From outlets to lights and everything in between, it all connects at this one central location. While you may know to go here and flip a breaker anytime there's a power outage in a specific area of your home, you may not realize that these panels can become outdated, and eventually flipping the breaker back will no longer be enough. When this is the case, you can count on our experienced electricians at Skipjack Electrical Services for panel upgrades in Edgewater.

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Is Your Electrical Panel Ready for an Upgrade?

The electrical panel in your home is essential for powering all your favorite appliances and electronics. Because of this, it should be easy to tell when yours isn’t working properly.

Some common indicators your electrical panel is ready for an upgrade include:

  • A burning smell or melted wires: When the electric appliances in your home are drawing more power than your system can handle, the electrical panel can become overheated, causing the wires and insulation within to melt. If you smell burning or see evidence of melted wires, call an electrician immediately.
  • Power surges when you turn on an appliance: Turning on high-powered appliances, such as air conditioners, dishwashers, and vacuums, can create a sudden, brief excess power demand, causing a power surge. If the appliances in your home require more power than your system can handle, an electrical panel upgrade is the best solution.
  • Flickering lights: If your electrical system is already overloaded with appliances, the sporadic voltage drop can make lights flicker, as they aren’t getting the power they need. If this is happening in your home, you should upgrade your electrical panel so that all your appliances are getting the power they need.
  • Breakers that frequently trip: Breakers trip when they are overloaded. This safety feature helps prevent household fires. But when you are regularly visiting your electrical panel to flip a breaker, it may be time to upgrade.
  • Appliances that overheat or don’t perform: Large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and hot tubs draw a lot of electricity. They may be drawing more than your current electric panel can handle. If you are experiencing problems with your appliances overheating or underperforming, consider checking their power source.
  • The panel is old: Homes built before the 1970s often had fuses instead of breakers in their panel boxes. Fuses do not trip like breakers, but rather short circuit, blow, or melt when overloaded. Since fuses are not capable of handling modern residential electricity loads, we recommend that you upgrade to a breaker box.

The Perks of a New Electrical Panel Installation

When you opt for a panel upgrade in Edgewater, you’ll notice the difference right away. A few of the perks of a new electrical panel installation are:

  • Reduced power surges and flickering lights
  • Increased safety; lower fire risk
  • Extended appliance and device lifespans
  • Added home resale value
  • Ability to add more electrical appliances and devices

Modern life requires a lot of electricity, so upgrading to a new electrical panel guarantees that your home's system can meet its electrical demand. You and your family can enjoy watching TV and running the dishwasher, the washing machine, and the air conditioner all at the same, without having to worry about tripping a breaker. You will also have peace of mind that your electrical panel is not a fire hazard.

An electrician can inspect your electrical panel and household wiring and recommend any upgrades or repairs. For a new electrical panel installation, trust the job to a licensed professional.

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