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As a homeowner, it can be challenging to notice when your home needs electrical remodeling. You get so used to the day-to-day in your home that it's common to miss critical signs that it’s is suffering.

One way to breathe some life back into your home is with a remodel or addition. Whether it's a new guest room, an upgraded master bathroom, or that unique workspace you've always wanted, remodels are fun and exciting.

However, it's important to remember that Edgewater remodeling and addition electricians are needed to ensure all the electrical components in your home addition are correctly wired and up to code. At Skipjack Electrical Services, we are your trusted experts with over 20 years of experience.

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    Electrical Components to Consider During a Remodel

    When you're remodeling your home, the last person you might think to call is an electrician. This is a common misconception, though.

    In all actuality, having a professional electrician close by is extremely important when remodeling your home. They need to assist with running wiring from your existing system to the addition, but you also need them for the essential connections like outlets and switches.

    Some electrical components of a remodel include:

    • Outlets, wiring, and fixtures that need to be installed
    • Outlets, wiring, and fixtures that need to be replaced
    • Considering whether it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel due to its age
    • The power your electrical panel is capable of handling
    • Your home’s efficiency

    It’s common for homeowners to upgrade their electrical appliances in this day and age. In fact, it happens all the time. However, you must determine whether your electrical panel can handle the extra wattage, which is why electricians are needed during a home remodeling. If you have a whole-home generator, you should also check to make sure it can still handle these new appliances.

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    What Are the Benefits of Remodeling?

    Remodeling your home can seem overwhelming at times. This is especially true if you are trying to remodel the entire house. That said, the benefits you will experience when it's all said and done will make it all worthwhile.

    Some common benefits are:

    • Property value increases: Whether it’s added square footage or improvements in lighting and functionality, thanks to electrical renovations, it's always a great selling point down the line.
    • Efficient appliances: Newer appliances are built to be more efficient. However, if your electrical panel cannot accommodate them or you don’t have the right outlets, this perk can be lost.
    • Lower energy bills: Our Edgewater remodeling and additions electricians will be able to find potential weak points in your system. Whether it's a panel that needs upgrading or some old wiring that's impacting performance, we can also help lower costs.

    All in all, your home will thank you for it later, and you will feel more comfortable as well. At Skipjack Electrical Services, we strive to ensure your experience is one that keeps you satisfied. You can trust that we will have your home looking exactly as you imagined, or better!

    How an Experienced Electrician Can Help with Additions

    When it comes to adding a room to your home, an electrician is pivotal in the entire process. A room addition is different from remodeling or renovating because when you remodel, you are working with an existing room and modernizing it. A room addition, on the other hand, is essentially like starting over.

    Instead of building a home, though, you are building a room. This inevitably requires a trained and experienced professional's expertise, like the ones we have at Skipjack Electrical Services. Our Edgewater remodeling and additions electricians will keep you and your home safe throughout the process and make sure everything is done to your satisfaction, guaranteed.

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